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Miss Violet brooch (mini)

Mini version!
This is VIOLET, part of the Valley of the Dolls series. VIOLET is an eclectic doll that mixes a sense of Reinassnace-era romance with the androgynous severity of a vintage Helmut Lang. VIOLET tends to be shy, but has a universe of complexity in her. She's a voracious reader, with a predilection for the classics like Doestovsky and Oscar Wilde. Her violet hair brings an air of super-heroism to all her outfits serving as a reminder of her own inner strength

Dimensions: two layers of 1/8 layered acrylic measuring aprox 1.8 x 2 inches. Her headband is metallic matte silver.

This item is pre-order. It'll be carefully handmade and shipped in aprox 16 weeks.

Original artwork by Meli. Copyright Baccurelli 2015. 
Handmade in California.


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