PRE-ORDER: Between Tragedy and Ecstasy (Special Edition Frida)

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PRE-ORDER: Between Tragedy and Ecstasy (Special Edition Frida)

PRE-ORDER: Processing time is 8 weeks.

SPECIAL EDITION created to commemorate 110 years since she graced the planet with her presence (July 6, 1907 - July 6, 2017).

Frida Khalo is the iconic Mexican artist that stole our hearts with her indomitable spirit and depth of soul. She is as powerful as she is fragile and that makes her such an inspiration since we can see ourselves reflected in her in different times in our lives. This Frida doll is as colorful as the artist herself, with her signature crown of flowers, she conquers the world with her serenity and sexy creative power.

We make each piece with the highest quality acrylic plastic and laser cutting, ensuring smooth edges and longevity.

Dimensions: two layers of 1/8 layered acrylic measuring aprox 2.5 x 3 inches. Dress is holographic glitter and anatomical heart is a lush red glitter.

Original artwork by Meli Baccurelli. Copyright 2017. Local materials and laser cutting. 100% Handmade in Los Angeles, USA.

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