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4/4: Large Miss Rouge necklace

Part 4/4 of the "Escape to Sage Mountain" series. Miss Rouge is a fun and happy sage. Not the kind of sage that sits you down and lectures you for hours, but the kind that makes you giggle like a 5-year old for no reason. 

Bella and Mooi leave the presence of the ethereal and slightly intimidating Gaela Zen for the patch of magic green grass that Miss Rouge inhabits. Though hard to find, the journey was being led by the sounds of laughter emanating from Miss Rouge, a jolly and slightly crazy sage known for her love of chocolate. "Hello dearest girls" Miss Rouge says in between giggles. "I know why Gaela sent you, and its simple you see. All you need to do to adapt to this crazy world is look within and look up. No ideas are too big or small. Trust your magical creative soul and never let anyone tell you something cannot be done". Bella and Mooi bursts into tears as they knew their journey had come to an end. They received much more than they ever imagined and are now armed with the knowledge of their full selves. "The world is not a scary place for us anymore Miss Rouge. Thank you for your wisdom. We will make you proud". And off they went to exit their beloved Sage Mountain, smiling and giggling all the way down to the golden plains.

Dimensions: two layers of 1/8 layered acrylic measuring aprox 4 x 3 inches. Chain is lightweight nickel-free and rust-proof aluminum. Entire necklace measures aprox 20 inches long.

Original artwork by Baccurelli. Copyright 2016. Made in Los Angeles, USA.

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