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2/4: Large Sir Ben Billows Brooch

Part 2/4 of the "Escape to Sage Mountain" series. Sir Ben Billows is a wise man. A man that knows the difference between lounging around for no reason and lounging around to allow creative juices to flow through your soul. He's the embodiment of creativity and lofty life goals.

When twins Bella and Mooi climbed up to Sage Mountain one day to ask him how they could overcome their shy nature and blend better with the world around them. Sir Ben's only words were "Dearest beauties, you have the soul of an artist in you, and all artist feel like misfits and outsiders. Embrace your creativity and unleash your magical ideas". They never saw themselves as artists per se, but their concept of themselves immediately shifted. "Keep your head in the clouds dear ones, and run along to visit my mischievous friend Gaela Zen. She will bestow upon you the confidence that you seek". And off they went to visit the sorceress, feeling much pride with each step thanks to Sir Billow's words.

Dimensions: two layers of 1/8 layered acrylic, aprox 4 x 2.4 inches.

Original artwork by Baccurelli. Copyright 2016. Made in Los Angeles, USA.

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