New Processing times (with a side of Anguish)

Meli Angulo

Gorgeous customers, we're happy to share that the demand for Baccurelli pieces hage massively increased! Woohoo! But on the flip side, with increase in demand comes increase in processing times. Our processing times have increased to roughly 8 weeks.

I've been stressing to no end about sharing this with you all, partly because we wish more than anything in the world that we weren't a tiny operation of two and could afford the resources needed to increase our capacity so you could get your pieces sooner.  Also because I haven't been able to get over a comment I received from a customer a long long time ago, that our pieces are not worth waiting that long for, after I explained that our backlog was huge and we needed a bit more time to make her order. I know I should be able to let that comment go, but it keeps haunting me when I'm feeling insecure about not having the financial means to grow quickly enough to meet our demand. 

Our previous processing times of 3-4 weeks had always been a goal for us, a goal that we constantly failed at being able to meet. And we constantly felf awful for it - for letting you all down. So we've decided that it's best to be transparent about our limited situation and not continue to be a dissapointment to you and your decision to indulge your hard earned money in our baubles.

Not to complain or provide excuses for our delays, but I cannot tell you how hard it is to design all the pieces, manage all orders, run all customer service, purchase all materials, promote/communicate on social media, photograph all pieces, run all promos, manage wholesale, run all accounting and your household all while raising an active 6 yr old autistic boy and a 2 yr old girl - full time. We run Baccurelli in between school, nursing and caring for our family. We love every moment of it and wouldn't have it any other way, but the pressure of making things quicker, beyond our human capacity, and dealing with the anger and disappointment that it causes has been a nightmare.

We truly hope this doesn't dissapoint you even further. We are truly doing the best we can. And when we say that you ALL mean the world to us, we mean it with all our hearts.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at anytime for anything. I might take a couple of days to reply, but rest assured I will get back to you and will do everything in my power to make sure you're happy with your Baccurelli purchase. Also, please pretty please don't open a PayPal case without reaching out to us first, it really really hurts our business.

Thank you for sticking with us through all our growing pains. We remain crazy passionate about making fun and fabulous acrylic accessories for you all and have SOOO MUCH more in store.

Much love always,



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