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New stockist and fun collaboration piece!

March 22, 2016

New stockist and fun collaboration piece!

We're thrilled to offer announce a new stockist! You can now purchase Baccurelli online at Coconette-Oz, a great Australian boutique offering an eclectic and diverse mix of retro, collectible and contemporary fashion items.

We also collaborated with Coconette-Oz to create an exclusive surrealist piece inspired by Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" (also known by aliases such as Soft Watches, Droopy Watches and Melting Clocks). This one-of-a-kind brooch comes in three color-ways: classic, pastel and funky. 

Fun background on Dali's melting clocks: When asked directly if Einstein's Theory of Relativity was an inspiration, Dali declared his true muse for the deformed clocks was a wheel of Camembert cheese that had melted in the sun. As Dali considered himself and his persona an extension of his work, the seriousness of this response is also up for debate. Learn more about Dali's work >

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