In honor of our beloved idol...

Meli Angulo

Baccurelli stands for self-expression and the power that comes from letting your freak flag fly, high up in the air. We truly believe that the most important maxim that we should all live by is: embrace all of YOU and don't waste a single moment doing anything but what you love. 

Sadly some people living with the stigma of HIV and AIDS struggle in unimaginable ways with being able to make that choice. Having access to life-saving HIV treatment, nutritious food, and the psychosocial support to help bridge that gap of social isolation and vulnerability, is what thousands of people in Africa and many other parts of the world are in dire need of on a daily basis.

David Bowie was a proud supporter of the gorgeous and compassionate work of Keep A Child Alive, which since its inception in 2003 has provided financial and programmatic support to seven grassroots programs in Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and India, serving 50,000 people living with HIV and AIDS annually.

Starting today, we're proud to share that every month Baccurelli donates a portion of our Bowie Tribute collection sales to Keep A Child Alive. To honor of David Bowie, my uncle Freddy (who passed away a few years ago of AIDS), and all the women, men and children that live with this disease and struggle on a daily basis to be their full selves. Everyone has the right to express their full potential. Everyone has the right to access compassionate health care. And mostly, everyone has the right to receive the love and support of a society that opens its eyes and hearts to the struggles faced around the globe and lovingly lends a helping hand.

Find out what you can do too! Please visit:

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